Through our finance partners, LECO Africa offers it’s customers an affordable method of acquiring a LECO Instrument. Please contact:

1. DataQwip Rentals (Pty) Ltd.

Tel: (011) 574 6600
Fax: (011) 455 1426
Contact: Terry Howell
Web site:

  • The Rentals are totally tax deductible.
  • Allows you to keep up to date with technology.
  • Off Balance Sheet funding.
  • Helps maintain escalating maintenance costs and down time.
  • No disposal of obsolete equipment. Free your capital to invest in your core business.

Or alternatively, contact your LECO Sales Consultant for more information.

2. ATRAFIN – American Trade and Finance Company

Tel: (011) 885-1360
Fax: (011) 885-1332
Contacts: Harry Kaplan; Leon Raff

Description: Short Term Financing Medium Term Financing
Typical Terms: 30 days to one year One year to seven years
Eligible use of Funds: Inventory, raw materials, spare parts, commodities, financing for distributors Capital goods, technology, investments, certain project related services, software & used equipment
Available to: Buyer or seller Buyer
Loan Amounts $250 000 to $10, 000,000 Can be Rand denominated
Typical Advance Rates: Up to 100% Up to 85%
Typical Security Typically no security other than the transaction Typically no security for most Government supported loans
Rates: Variable or Fixed fee Variable based on LIBOR
Structure: Very Flexible Term Loan with periodic repayments. Lease may be available
  • Satrafin finances expertise and focus allows us to provide the best solutions for bidirectional trade between the U.S.A, South Africa and key emerging market countries.
  • Satrafin Finance Programs feature attractive rates, terms, and structures, a quick pre-qualification process, and generally do not interfere with the local banking relationship.
  • Satrafin provides financing with or without the support of government export programs. Export programs may be utilized where it provides the optimal solution.
  • Larger or smaller loan amounts may be available.

Tel: (012) 657 5588
Fax: 086 770 8210
Contact: Quintin Heymans – Direct Number : (012)  657 5362 – Mobile : 073 500 4989
Web site:

SAF offers unique Asset Based Finance solutions to the private- and public sector via their network of funders including Financial Institutions, Investors , OEM’s and own funding. 

Advantages of Rental – Customer

  • Monthly rentals can be reduced by the use of an annual escalation.
  • Rentals avoid capital expenditure.
  • No deposits are required.
  • Ease of Upgrade / Replacement.
  • Client has option to extend rental term, upgrade or own the equipment.
  • A rental facility has no impact on the user’s balance sheet.
  • Rentals are fully tax deductible from the annual taxable profit.
  • The renting of goods enables the client to keep track with technology.
  • The VAT on a rental is raised on the monthly payment and not capitalized “upfront”, as in a lease or instalment sale.