Fat in Butter
  Fat in Cake Mix
  Fat in Cocoa Drink Mix
  Fat in Condensed Milk (Canned)
  Crude Fat in Corn
  Fat in Dog Food (Canned)
  Fat in Egg Products
  Fat in Fish (Emulating Petroleum Ether)
  Fat in Fish (Emulating Acid Hydrolysis)
  Fat in Fish Food
  Fat in Fish Meal (Emulating Acid Hydrolysis)
  Fat in Fish Meal (Emulating Petroleum Ether)
  Fat in Gravy Mix
  Crude Fat in Meals – AOAC PVM 3:2000
  Fat in Fresh Milk
  Fat in Milk-Based and Soy-Based Powdered Infant Formula – AOAC PVM 1:2002
  Fat in Milk Replacer
  Oil in Palm Kernel
  Fat in Peanut Butter
  Fat in Pet Food (Canned)
  Fat in Pie Dough
  Oil in Rice Bran
  Fat in Rompope (Egg-Based Liquor)
  Oil in Safflower Seed – AOCS 3-96
  Total Saturated and Trans Fat in Salad Dressing by SFE/GC (FAME) Analysis
  Fat in Fat-Free Salad Dressing
  Oil in Soybeans – Exhaustive Extraction
  Fat in Tuna (Canned)