What do organic roses, dietary supplements, finished tobacco and strawberries all have in common?

Join our QuEChERS workshop and find out…..

Quick, Easy, Cheap, Effective, Rugged, and Safe, the QuEChERS (“catchers”) method is a fast, simple, and effective alternative to conventional sample prep for multiresidue pesticide analysis.

Using QuEChERS, samples are prepared in three simple steps. Samples are first homogenized, then extracted and partitioned with an organic solvent and salt solution, with the extracts finally cleaned using the dSPE technique. Using the dSPE approach, the quantity and type of sorbents can easily be optimized for different matrix interferences and difficult analytes. Results from this approach have been verified and modified at several USDA and Food and Drug Administration labs, and the method now is widely accepted for many types of pesticide residue samples. Validation and proficiency data for the QuEChERS method are available for a wide variety of pesticides in several common food matrices at www.quechers.com

LECO Africa, in partnership with Restek was the first company worldwide to offer customers the opportunity to learn about this technique on their own samples. Yes! We invite you to bring your own sample and prepare it with our application specialists at our facilities and run them on a state-of-the-art GC-MS, the LECO Pegasus HT. By lunch time, you will have performed your own extraction and run your sample. Who else can do this for you?

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