Our Pegasus HRT 4D is on sale!

Sorry, the unit has just been sold!

Redefine Mass Spectrometry.

  • Finally see all of your sample – all of the time.
  • Locate and identify true unknowns – with ultra-high resolution your routine mass errors drop to below 1 ppm. In fact, if they go over 1 ppm, you know you have a co-elution.
  • Clarify your co-elutions – where other systems give you a “best guess” at 3 ppm, our system tells you that there is a co-elution! If the mass error creeps past 1 ppm, re-run the same with GCxGC and see all analytes!

Design your own package!

Buy just the GCxGC-HRT, EI and pCI R              5,107,293.00
Add in the autoleveller R                   76,735.00
Add in the monitors R                     4,000.00
Add in the LN2 100L tank R                   35,000.00
Add in the Peak Nitrogen Generator R                 300,000.00
Add in the UPS R                   82,000.00
Add in Autosampler (15 position) R                 125,043.00

Total saving, based on last 4 tenders:                  R       6,473,861.00

Price on offer:                                                            R      5,107,293.00 Excl add-ons and VAT

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Sorry the unit is sold… better luck next time!

Peg HRT 4D

Ts & Cs – the small print, made large!

  1. Items sold on a first come -first served basis
  2. Items can be viewed and operated prior to sale
  3. Items will benefit from a full service prior to delivery
  4. Prices include full training and our normal industry-leading application support
  5. Items will carry a 6 month warrantee