Grinding and Polising:

PX300 Grinder Polisher Series

PX400 / PX500 Grinder Polisher Series

SS-1000 Grinder / Polisher

BG Series Grinder

Hardness Tester

AMH55 Hardness Testing Systems

LM Series Microindentation Hardness Tester

LV Series Macro Hardness Tester

LCB3100 Brinell Load Cell Hardness Tester

LR Series Rockwell-Type Hardness Tester

Image Analysis and Management:

IA44 Image Analysis & Management System

PAX-it™ Image Management System


PR-36 Mounting Press


SX100M Series

VC50 Diamond Saw

MSX432 Series

MSX305 Series

MSX205 Series

MSX250 Series

MSX255 Series

Digital Microscopes:

Macro Digital Microscope

Olympus DSX Series

Optical Microscopes:

Olympus SZX16/SZX10/SZX7 Stereo Microscopes

Olympus SZ61/SZ51 Stereo Microscopes

Olympus BX53M Upright Microscope

Olympus GX Inverted Metallographs