LECO Africa supplies a complete range of high-quality consumables for analytical and metallographic applications. Optimum performance is guaranteed when using LECO consumables. Our money-back guarantee supports our confidence in quality and commitment to you!

Our Consumable Sales Department is manned by Priscilla Breet, Kathleen Yould, Antonia Forbes, Monique Varin and Shivani Bhowan all offering friendly, effective service towards your consumable requirements.

Place your order by mail, e-mail, fax or call it in telephonically.

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Always remember that the more information you send us, the quicker our response time will be. If you know the part number, include this on your quote requisition.

Please visit this page regularly, and stay updated on the following:

Monthly Consumable Specials

Restek Consumables

Consumable Sales

Tel: +27 11 974 1681
Fax: +27 11 974 1848

Priscilla Breet: priscilla@lecoafrica.co.za
Kathleen Yould: kathleen@lecoafrica.co.za

Consumable Sales – Africa Desk

Monique Varin: monique@lecoafrica.co.za
Cell: +27 71 132 0292

Consumable Sales – Western Cape

Antonia Forbes: antonia@lecoafrica.co.za

Consumables Sales – Restek

Shivani Bhowan: shivani@lecoafrica.co.za