Pesticides in food matrix with full MS Spectra? Get it with TOFMS!Apple Pesticides

Complete solution: Pesticide residues in food by GC-TOFMS

Full mass spectra for increased confidence

Automated detection and quantification

Validated robust and routine method

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Peak Table

Peak Table with quantitative results. Target list of components can be reported together with non-target compounds. It’s your choice!

Method Summary

  • Method validated in an accredited EU national reference laboratory for fruits, vegetables, grains and oil matrix
  • Sample preparation: 20 min/sample
  • 47 min GC-MS turnaround time for 106 pesticides in a single run
  • Performance criteria comply to SANCO/12495/2011
  • LOQs 5- 10 ppb for  > 90% pesticides (comply to EU MRL for baby food),
  • LOQs 10-50 ppb for 10 pesticides

Pesticide solution package includes

  • Pegasus HT GC-TOFMS system with PTV injector
  • Gerstel MPS with ALEX system (optional)
  • Sample preparation methodology
  • Package of sample preparation accessories and consumables
  • GC column and chromatography consumables
  • Gas chromatographic, mass spectrometric, data processing methods, calibration reference, pesticide library with TOFMS spectra
  • Training in LECO European Technical Centre
  • Sample preparation training at an accredited pesticide laboratory (optional)