Basic GC Maintenance is a core skill that is rapidly being lost. With new pressures to reduce costs and improve the bottom line many laboratories are cutting back on this most crucial frontline maintenance requirement.

Topics covered will include:

  1. How to ensure the GC is leak free.
    1. General GC leak tests
    2. GC-MS specific leak tests
    3. Replacing the gas scrubber
    4. Replacing the gas cylinder
  2. How to maintain your inlet.
    1. What parameters are crucial when selecting a suitable liner and when to replace the liner?
    2. Why are there different septa and ferrules and when to use each?
    3. How often do we need to check the gold seal?
    4. What chemical tests can we perform to ensure the system is operating properly?
  3. How to select and maintain your column.
    1. How to select the stationary phase, column length, ID and df.
    2. Do you need a guard column?
    3. What to do when the column fails to perform?
  4. General troubleshooting.
    1. Diagnosis and remedies.
    2. When to call for help.
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