LECO Africa and LECO Corporation celebrate 44 years and 84 years respectively of Delivering The Right Results.


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Who Are We

LECO Africa is a wholly-owned subsidiary of the privately owned company LECO Corporation, USA.

LECO Africa has been servicing the Sub-Saharan African Analytical and Metallographic industries since 1976.

We provide LECO Analytical, Metallographic, Spectrographic and Separation Science equipment, consumables and related spare parts manufactured and assembled in the USA.

LECO Corporation Instrumentation Manufacturing Division is certified with the ISO-9002 accreditation, certification acquired April 29, 1993, registration number FM24045, issued by BSI Quality Assurance, United Kingdom. Today, ISO-9002 is accepted and preferred by many satisfied LECO customers as evidence of an effective quality system and approach.

LECO Africa serves the entire Sub-Saharan region, with offices in Gauteng, Western Cape, Mpumalanga and KwaZulu Natal, and distributors in the Eastern Cape, Namibia, Ghana, Tanzania, Zambia, Kenya, Uganda, Ivory Coast and the Democratic Republic of Congo. Contact us. Our motto of “Excellence through Customer Satisfaction” is embraced by all LECO Africa employees.

We assure you of our commitment to service, quality instruments and operating supplies that deliver the right results.

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